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 Consumer Reports Video Alerting the Public about the Threat of Ransomware.

CBS News Recently did an informational video section about ransomware and ways you can protect yourself against it.

Our Raul Glasgow was one of the techs featured in the Consumer Reports section that was featured on CBS networks country wide.


Ransomware is becoming rampant. It's where hackers hold hostage your computer files until you pay up.

Raul Glasgow is a computer consultant who is all too familiar with ransomware. Not only has he helped clients whose files were held hostage by hackers, he also had to help himself!

"After the first attack, I'm like, we're ready for them. You know, there's no way they're going to get through to us again. Was I wrong!" Glasgow said.

Glasgow says he started seeing ransomware attacks against his clients two or three years ago. Since then, he says, it's become even more common.