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Welcome to our tech blog. Providing timely information for IT professionals. The blog mainly focused on Updated technology trends, news , hacks , tips n tricks. Most updated news on OS platforms such as Windows & Linux. In technology, especially, good ideas tend to pop up in several places when the time is right.

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Can chloroquine really help treat coronavirus patients?
Although Trump’s claim about the drug was false it might play a role in tackling the pandemic

Peter Beaumont and Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok

Claims by Donald Trump regarding the effectiveness against coronavirus of an anti-malarial drug untested against the disease have led to it being hoarded, as well as to at least one death in the US and a number of overdoses around the world.

Trump called the drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine potential “gamechangers” during a press conference last week, spurring a rush by some individuals – and even countries, including Algeria and Indonesia – to stockpile the drugs. India, meanwhile, has announced it will ban export of the drug.

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computer networking installationDIY Small Business Computer Network Setup

So you want to save money and install your own wired or wireless network. i have been getting a lot of requests by you guys to setup a wired network.

The following are all parts you will need to get to setup your wired/wireless network"

1: Sonicwall SOHO Wireless Router with CGSS

2: 24 Port Gigabit (or better) switch

3: Cat 6 network cables

4: Modem from your internet service provider

5: Network Installation Kit

6: Cable Runner

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bad 3d print3d Printer Repair Tech Shop Near You

How Can We Help You?

We have a range of options to help you, whether you need your 3D printer repaired right now or you just want to take preventative measures to prevent a broken 3D printer affecting future work.

3d printers are notoriously very difficult to initially set up and configure. The initial leveling and setup and configuring can be very time consuming and impossible for the layman to figure.

If you are having bad print issues with your 3D printer (consumer brands only) our technicians can assist you.


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HP, Dell, -PC and Apple Laptop Power Jack Repair Brooklynmacjack

Does my PC or Apple Macbook need to have it's DC jack replaced?

Although it is a good idea to bring your laptop down to us for a free diagnosis, there are several symptoms that your laptop will display if you do in fact have a bad jack.


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