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Does my PC or Apple Macbook need to have it's DC jack replaced?

Although it is a good idea to bring your laptop down to us for a free diagnosis, there are several symptoms that your laptop will display if you do in fact have a bad jack.


  • The light that indicates charging with turn on and off as you wiggle the AC adapter
  • You have to hold the AC adapter plug in a certain position in order for it to charge
  • You notice that even when the laptop is plugged in with the AC adapter, it is still running on battery
  • The laptop shuts down randomly when the AC adapter is moved or plugged in
  • Excessive temperature from the area of the DC jack (Dangerous, if this is happening please shutdown the computer and unplug it)
  • Smoke or the smell of burning plastic (Dangerous, if this is happening please shutdown the computer and unplug it)
  • The plastic pieces around the area of the DC jack are falling apart
  • Loose or sloppy connection when plugging in the AC adapter
  • DC jack just fell out of the computer (I know, this is the obvious one)
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All of our DC Power Jack Repairs come with a 
90 day warranty on parts and labor!!


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