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computer networking installationDIY Small Business Computer Network Setup

So you want to save money and install your own wired or wireless network. i have been getting a lot of requests by you guys to setup a wired network.

The following are all parts you will need to get to setup your wired/wireless network"

1: Sonicwall SOHO Wireless Router with CGSS

2: 24 Port Gigabit (or better) switch

3: Cat 6 network cables

4: Modem from your internet service provider

5: Network Installation Kit

6: Cable Runner



6: Faceplates for Cat 6 Jacks

7: Keystone Jacks.

8: Server Rack

9: Wire Looms

10: Patch panel

11: Another cable fish

I will try to provide links to these products at the bottom of the page.








Sonicwall Soho Router with wifi









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